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Step 3: Add a Charm Ring (optional)


charm-ring.jpgOur Charm Rings, also called clips, are a great addition to your necklace.

You can place the charm ring on a simple small chain and clip your locket and your charms directly onto the ring.

Another great thing about having a Charm Ring/Clip is that you can use it as an enhancer for your locket: attach your locket to any necklace, including a strand of pearls.  The ring makes it easy to wear your locket on so many different necklace designs.

*The small clips are also what we use to clip our medium and small lockets onto link bracelets.

*If you would like to build a necklace with multiple lockets, our advice is to choose 1 or 3 lockets.  Add a clip on the center locket in the group of 3 to drop it down between the 2 on either side, so each one is visible.

Step 4: Add Charms