Grandmother's/Mother's 4 Birthstone Ring Necklace (Short Gold)

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The Grandmother's/Mother's Birthstone Ring Necklace (Long Gold) is a unique way to celebrate your growing family. 

Feature all of your grandchildren or children on this simple and classic ring pendant.  Each child is represented by their birthstone.  The pendant comes with 4 birthstones.  You can add additional gold birthstone charms here.

The small charm ring is made from a matte sterling silver.  The ring hangs on an 18" gold filled micro cable chain.  The ring has a lever built in that pushes inward.  This allows you to slip the birthstones onto the ring.  It is easy to add more stones as your family grows. This design features gold dipped birthstone dangles.  We love mixing the metals and textures for a modern look that you can wear with all tones of jewelry.