Family & Mother's Jewelry


Celebrate Your Journey of motherhood, or grandmotherhood, by wearing photos of your precious babies in your Journey Locket.  The Journey Lockets brand was grown from Jocelyn's desire to wear her favorite photographs of her two daughters in a glass locket.  Journey Lockets are different than other photo charms in two ways: they are double-sided glass, so two photos can be worn at a time and they are interchangeable, so you can easily update your photos as the children grow!   Journey Lockets make the perfect "push presents" for new Moms!


"Love my Journey Locket...just got my new inserts in the mail today, can't wait to show them off! When I wear my JL I always get so many compliments, and everyone loves looking at my photos inside the locket. Since I have a 16 month old I love to change my picture of him often, the Journey Locket makes this easy to do!" - *Ella Harrison
"After my second child was born I treated myself to this precious piece of jewelry. What a wonderful way to keep my kids close to my heart all the time. I receive compliments all the time. I bought one for my mother and she wears it with just as much pride. Thank you Journey Lockets for a wonderful design and thinking of us mothers!!!"   *Lisa Loflin