Bridal Jewelry


For a sentimental gift for the bride on her wedding day, Journey Lockets will create custom inserts with photos of those loved ones who are no longer with us.  She will have a keepsake from her wedding day that can be worn for many years.  A bride can send in treasured photos from her wedding day and go on to wear it with photos of her children as her family grows.

Journey Lockets make truly unique and personalized gifts for bridesmaids.   Many brides who give Journey Lockets as gifts choose to have monograms made for each bridesmaid using their wedding colors.  Include a photo of a special memory of the two of you together on the other side. Your bridesmaid can personalize her locket in many ways after the wedding day.  

When you order, you can choose identical chains and lockets for each recipient, or create individual looks.  We offer quantity discounts of 20% for our bridesmaid orders.  To qualify for the discount you must purchase more than six Journey Lockets in one order.  For more information or questions, please contact us at