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DIY: How to Create Your Own Inserts

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DIY: How to Create Your Own Inserts

Now that you have your Journey Locket, you may want to change your inserts.  It's super easy to create your own personalized inserts.  You'll need a pair of scissors, one sheet of craft paper for tracing, a pencil, and whatever design you'd like to use.  It may be a sticker with your favorite football team's logo or your monogram.  Just about anything will work.  

Just follow these simple steps:  

Remove your insert carefully from your locket and trace onto your craft paper with a pencil.  

Use your scissors to cut out the shape.

Choose your sticker.  In this case, we are using a team sticker.

Center sticker onto craft paper and apply.

That's all you need to do for a single side, but you might as well use this opportunity to do the flip side.  

Apply a letter sticker to the flip side of your Journey Locket for a custom monogram.

Open your Journey Locket by unscrewing the top and place your custom insert into it.

Pretty cool.  Go Tar Heels!

As you can see, there's no reason to be intimidated by the thought of creating your own insert. The hardest part is deciding what to put into your Journey Locket.  Luckily, it's always an easy thing to change.  

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