How You Can Wear Your Toggle Necklace Two Ways

Posted by Shannon G. on 14th Dec 2016

How You Can Wear Your Toggle Necklace Two Ways

Our convertible toggle chains are our most versatile chain design! It can be worn 2 different ways, making it a great investment piece. All of our toggle rings push open with a lever to allow you to slide your locket and charms onto the ring itself.

Look 1: Short Double-strand Necklace.
Double up your chain and clasp the toggle in the front for a classic short necklace style. The toggle bar slips through the ring and hold the double chain necklace around your neck, and your locket will sit perfectly on your chest. When the necklace is worn short it is a 17.5" chain.

Look 2: Long Single-strand Necklace.
Open up your double chain and slip it over your head for trendy long necklace style. The toggle ring hold the locket in place and hangs at the bottom of the chain. The toggle bar will be located behind your neck. The locket will hang between your bustline and your belly button, depending on your body type. When the necklace is worn long it is a 35" chain.

This sterling silver rectangle link chain is a larger style chain. If you like the chunkier looks, as opposed to the dainty look, this is a great option for you. One great thing about this chain is that it is not too heavy. You get the chunky sterling look without too much weight on your neck. This chain is a very nice quality and made here in the US by a wonderful sterling chain company who we are excited to be working with.