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How to Use Old Photos In Your Locket

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How to Use Old Photos In Your Locket

It's hard to believe there was a time that we didn't all have all of our photos on our phones and in the cloud. Remember when we actually used cameras and printed pictures?  I know we still print them occasionally, but it's not the same.  If you are wondering how to make a digital copy of your photograph without a scanner, look no further than your phone.  

Just about everyone has a phone with a good camera these days. Take a picture of your old photo with your camera so you have a digital file. Make sure to get as close to the photo as you can and focus before you take the picture. With an iPhone, you will simply tap the screen to focus. Once you have your digital copy, you can email it to yourself.  Save the digital file to your computer and upload the files to our website when you place your order.

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