How To Clean Your Sterling & Brass Jewelry

Posted by Shannon G. on 28th Dec 2016

How To Clean Your Sterling & Brass Jewelry

Cleaning our jewelry isn't always at the top of our to-do lists, but it's important and it is easy.  Set aside a few minutes to address your jewelry.  You may find it's time to clean them, and if so, there's no time like the present.  Follow these simple steps to bring the shine back out.

Brass Lockets:

As you can see, this brass Journey Locket needs some attention.  You'll need a brass cleaning cloth to take off the tarnish. 

With your cloth, use a light scrubbing motion backwards and forwards to remove the tarnish.  

You'll see results instantaneously!


Sterling Silver Lockets:

For your sterling jewelry, we recommend Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner.  You'll need rubber gloves, a paper towel and running water to clean it.  

Since you'll be submerging your Journey Locket into liquid, you'll want to remove your insert.  Unscrew the top to open your locket.  

Remove your inserts.

Put on your rubber gloves and open the silver cleaner.  

Place your locket and chain into the basket inside the cleaner and fully submerge for about five seconds. 

Remove chain and locket from cleaner and place under running water to remove the cleaning agent.  

Place onto a paper towel to dry.

Place your inserts back into your locket.

Close locket and screw to seal.

Doesn't this look great?   Set aside a few minutes this week to add a little more shine to your life!