Our History

Journey Lockets was founded in 2008 by Jocelyn Drye.  It all started with one glass locket necklace and 2 sweet photos of my very young daughters.  It was the start of an amazing Journey for me personally and professionally.  I was a stay-at-home mom with a creative passion. What I didn't know was that I had the entrepreneurial bug too!

Personally I've always felt it was important to celebrate the moments in life that make up each person's journey.  Journey Lockets jewelry does that on so many levels.  Creating this jewelry & this company brought all of my passions together.



About Journey Lockets


the what:

At Journey Lockets, we create truly meaningful, personalized jewelry for women.  We design and sell heirloom quality jewelry featuring glass lockets.  We also provide a simple-to-use service that makes it easy to personalize each locket. (What that means is that we make the photos to go inside too!)

Our Journey Lockets are flat on the interior and allow for flat objects to be worn inside.  We personalize with photographs and monogram inserts, plus many more custom designs.

For more details on our line, check out our FAQs.
We have seen and heard the joy & comfort that Journey Lockets bring to thousands of women over the past years.  We love what we do, the connections we make with our customers, and are so thankful we have had the chance to share Journey Lockets with women all over!

the how:

Here are the basics on how to create your own personalized piece of jewelry at Journey Lockets:
First, Build your Jewelry:
  1. Choose your Journey Locket.
  2. Choose  your chain.
  3. Choose any accessories to wear with your Journey Locket. (initial charms, birthstones, etc)
Second, Personalize your Jewelry:
  1. Choose what you want to wear in your Journey Locket. (select your photos, make them digital if they are not already)
  2. Order Custom Inserts online. (Examples: Photo Inserts, Monogram Inserts, Custom Name Collections, Insert Collections, & More)